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Psychedelic Assisted

The therapeutic use of psychedelics is a rapidly advancing field, offering a novel treatment approach, with Ketamine currently being the only legally available psychedelic medicine for psychotherapeutic use. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy guides individuals through a process that involves preparation, altered states of consciousness, and integration. Psychedelics can introduce greater openness and flexibility to the mind, helping to overcome mental blockages.

If you are struggling with treatment-resistant depression or another seemingly unyielding emotional condition, and you feel that traditional therapies have failed you, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy may present a suitable treatment avenue for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss.

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Disclaimer: ketamine services are offered in collaboration with a medical professional. Note that racemic (generic) ketamine is currently not FDA approved as a treatment for any mental health condition, although there is substantial research literature to support the use of racemic ketamine in psychiatry and psychotherapy


“It is like an astronaut looking on the whole of the earth... and realizing: why was I worrying about this or that. It allows the mind to operate in a more expansive way."

- Robin Carhart-Harris

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